Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Call tracking is an application of virtual numbers that can help you work out where your telephone leads are coming from. The idea is to use a different virtual number in each place you want to track your traffic. This could be on a flier, your website or local directory. Since they are virtual numbers, then can all be routed to your existing number, so you don't need to install extra lines or phones.

How does it work?

We keep a note of every time each of your numbers is called, and send a report weekly or monthly of how many calls have been received.

If you want an integration with Google Analytics, we can do that as well.

To find out more call 01202 901888 or email.

Facebook Promotion

Between now and the end of February 2015, we are offering the chance to get two tracking numbers to try for six months completely free of charge. All you need to do is like or share our Facebook page at TechnovoxTelecomSolutions.

Case Studies

We use Technovox tracking numbers on our website and Check-a-Trade entry. The whisper messages tell us the call source, and we get an email report each month as well.

Mark Maclaren - Crosskeys Locksmiths

To work out which channel was performing best, we used tracking numbers for a Facebook promotion and Doodle Ads. They really helps us keep track of where best to concentrate our advertising budget.

Dave Roberts - Salix Embroidery