On-demand Conference Call Service

Conference Calls Whenever You Want

VoxConference™ is an on-demand audio conferencing service. Whenever you need a meeting with multiple people in multiple locations, let them know the bridge number and conference ID and get talking right away.

The time and expense involved with travel today means telephone conferencing is a cheap and easy way to build relationships and collaborate with customers or team members.

VoxConference on demand allows unlimited duration conferences for up to 10 participants.

How do I get started ?

You'll need a conference ID. Enter your e-mail address and we'll generate one for you. Let your participants know the bridge number and conference ID, then at the agreed start time, all dial in and start talking. You don't have to book a conference, the service is always there whenever you need it.

How much will it cost ?

The standard cost of calling the bridge number from a landline is 3 pence per minute. Some network operators may charge more. Each participant pays for his own call, so the costs for you, as the conference host are minimal.

Conference Bridge Details

The bridge number is 0844 360 0036

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