Whisper Tones

If you have to answer your phone in different capacities, it would be useful to know how to greet the caller. Whisper messages give you this facility by playing an announcement to you before the call is connected. This means, for example, you can tell the difference between a personal call and a business call and answer accordingly.

While you are hearing the whisper message, the caller will just hear the ringing tone. The service allows you to record and upload your own whisper message. If your phone isn't answered and you don't have voicemail, out whisper service has a built-in voicemail. You can record your own greeting to be played to the caller before they are transferred to voicemail. If the caller leaves a message, a recording of the message is sent to you by e-mail.

Whisper tones can be used with any of our virtual number types and you can route multiple virtual numbers to your existing phone line or mobile.

We've recently released a free webapp that allows you to control your routing service easily from a smartphone.